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A well-established practise

When seeking an attorney in Houghton you need look no further than Martini Patlansky Attorneys. Firm friends Marco Martini and Phillip Patlansky both started their legal careers with the established law firm Wertheim Becker before moving to the high profile Alan Levin & Associates. In March 1998, however Marco and Phillip opened the doors to Martini Patlansky Attorneys in Houghton and have not looked back. Since 1998, the practise has grown in leaps and bounds and in 2013 the firm’s extremely competent professional assistant, Bronwyn Watson, a conveyancer and notary public became a partner in the firm.

Truly special

At Martini Patlansky Attorneys we specialise in commercial litigation and arbitration, commercial crime matters, company law, liquidations and insolvencies, commercial and general agreements, family and divorce law, conveyancing and notary public work. We also work closely as a team with TW Ferguson and Bramel Business Solutions (Pty) Limited when major acquisitions, mergers and tax issues and effective corporate structure work is concerned. TW Ferguson and Bramel Business Solutions (Pty) Limited are experts in the field and trust us with all their commercial litigation work.

The giant slayers

Whilst we may seem to be a small firm in numbers, we are able to go head to head with the large firms in South Africa against whom most of our cases are fought. We take extreme pride in our work and in particular the preparatory work which, circumstances permitting, we do ourselves without the aid or assistance of Counsel. We have previously and continue to represent major clients such as Unitrans (Greyhound Bus/Megabus), Iveco S.A. (Pty) Limited and the True Group / Real People Group of Companies, being one of the largest private companies in South Africa and the second largest employer in the Eastern Cape next to Daimler Benz, Destination Capital (Pty) Limited to name a few. We offer personalised legal services to our clients and are available to them on a 24/7 basis.

Our promise to you

At Martini Patlansky Attorneys, we demand perfection in our work and enjoy a formidable reputation amongst our peers, Judges and Counsel. We look forward to offering you our many years of experience and expertise particularly in the field of commercial law and litigation, liquidations and insolvencies.

For attorneys in Houghton, contact Martini Patlansky Attorneys:

Tel:                   (011) 487 1091

Fax:                  (011) 487 1059

Address:          2nd Floor, The Morningside Hub, 313 Rivonia Road, Morningside, 2096

Postal:              PO Box 87632, Houghton, Johannesburg, 2041




The partners

Marco Martini                082 551 2134

Phillip Patlansky            082 551 2136

Bronwyn Watson           083 500 0094


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